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What if the water rises? What if the dikes break? What if our house floods and we need to leave? 


As a result of climate change, the sea level in the Netherlands keeps rising. Our ‘kleine kikkerlandje’ can transform into Atlantis. Unless we are equipped with gills, we need to take action to survive. 


What if water doesn’t cause any form a danger? What if we can live our lives like noting is happening. What if our house is a ‘safespot’?


The safest room in our house, the attic, is out of use. In order to survive we could transform the roof into a safe zone. So we can keep our head above the water during a flood. 


A roof on legs floating above the floodplain will make the temporary occupants aware to the threat of rising water. This test roof dwelling investigates interior design solutions to turn an attic into a refuge during the next flood.